Overview of Live Casino Online

Virtual or Internet casinos are one of the trends that are surfing the internet nowadays where people put their money online to gamble and enjoy the full luxurious time. Live casinos enable gamblers to participate, play and wager online and that too live either singly or in teams, sometimes with opponents chosen randomly among other users. The percentages regarding paybacks are a bit higher in online live casinos as compared to ground casinos. The payout percentages are completely decided by the type, nature and the rules of the games that a user chooses to play.

There are several units of online casinos like the following:

  1. Online web-based casinos:

These are purely web-based games that a user can play and participate online by making deposits without having to download any software on to their computers. The games are sometimes mainly through HTML interface. The Apple device users have a disadvantage as Apple products do not have flash enabled systems which are required to participate in and play these online games.

  1. Downloadable software for online casinos:

This type of games requires software to be initially downloaded on to the user's computer first and then the access is granted to online wager and participation. This software automatically connects to the service provider of the casino and lets the user join the community directly by surpassing the browser support. The risk factor that always remains associated with this type of system is of malware which can readily be downloaded and harm the computer, sometimes making the important files and essential information vulnerable to open threats.


  1. Virtual Casino:

In this type of game, the final result of each game is independent and the data is produced by a PRNG (pseudorandom number generator). This mainly is the dice and card related games. The PRNG generates calculated set of random numbers through mathematical calculations and algorithms. The PRNG runs on a complete set of fair rules yet they are unpredictable. These are regulated by external regulators who maintain the win percentages and maintain the highest degree of fairness with the user.


  1. Live Dealer Games:

In this format, a human dealer usually controls the game from a live table at the ground casino. This is visible via live streaming video link where users make betting through consoles and communicate with the regulator using chat/ text functionalities.

The main games offered for live online casinos are as follows:

Online live casino gambling legalization has many turns around which mainly outbreak from the fast development in the field of the technology industry. Several countries like Belgium, Finland, Canada, and Sweden have their own state gambling patents and they deny licenses of the foreign invaders regarding casinos. As per their law, only the resident casino operators are to be considered legal. However, there are no punishments for foreign invaders, on the other hand, the only step that can be taken is blocking the websites and software.